May 19, 2024
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January 15, 2020 9:02 pm

Finally just made time this evening to watch/listen to the stunning diagnosis by Dan Bongino in the sidebar video. Dan is ex- NYPD, ex-Secret Service. I believe that somehow in his busy life he also managed to find time to acquire two PHDs. He’s a smart cookie. Folks, if you haven’t done so already, then I urge you now to take the time to have a listen to what Dan has got to say while the video is still up. Dan is no conspiracy theorist. He always backs up what he says with facts.

A totally corrupted DOJ, FBI, (the short list) and a public service with whose ranks are literally chalk full, stuffed with loyal Obama saboteurs. An army of designated impossible to fire loyalists ‘sworn in’ during the final days/hours of his administration. If what Dan is describing is even close (and I believe he is bang on) to what has been and still is going on then I believe that the Deep State is a Stage 4 cancer for America and it will be a miracle if it is able to survive.

I am as worried as all get out that the decades old best friend of Robert Mueller, AG Barr, may be skillfully and successfully running out the clock. Whether or not his name with live on in history in infamy is yet to be determined. If it does he’ll have lots of company. If it doesn’t then he will join the ranks of true American heroes. Patriots.

If he betrays the nation then could the last person out the door please turn off the lights.