July 13, 2024
Another promise kept: Trump's toughness on China gives Potomac elites the vapors
All the free trade “purists” in Washington scoff that this is no way to fund a country.
All the free trade “purists” in Washington scoff that this is no way to fund a country.

SEOUL — It is always funny what passes as principled “purity” in Washington.

President Trump wakens the American giant to the trade war China has been waging against us for decades, and all the principled purists along the Potomac begin bleating and sputtering about “free trade” and “protectionism.”

Because, yeah, the American economy is about to go dark and we are going to return to the stone age. We can’t even building a frigging wall without the entire political system on both sides of the aisle throwing a hissy fit.

Free trade? Who are these people kidding? To whom do they think they are still lying?

They haven’t been giving us free trade all these years. They have just been the people in charge of all the so-called “free trade” agreements (hammered out by governments, of course) and so they like things just fine.

Of course they do. They are the ones who have been deciding all this time who wins and who loses. Whose cow is sacred and whose gets gored.

True free trade would be the wonderful wild, wild west. Open the borders to trade and let the market sort it out. But this ain’t free trade and it never has been.

President Trump is the only person who has called these people on their lies. And he has repeatedly called everybody’s bluff by saying he would happily drop all tariffs with all countries.


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