July 19, 2024
While in his speeches, Nasrallah pledged to be engaged in attacks on Israel as long as the war in Gaza continues, Hezbollah’s restraint has raised criticism in the Muslim world of Iran and Hezbollah and made the whole event extremely embarrassing.

Nasrallah exhausted and desperate: Hezbollah’s options after nine months of war

Khamenei and Nasrallah were embarrassed by Sinwar’s surprise attack on Oct. 7, and the Hezbollah joined out of a lack of choice

On June 19, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened that if Israel starts an all-out war against it, Hezbollah will conquer the Galilee, flatten the rest of Israel, and attack Cyprus. On June 29, Iran threatened that if Israel escalates the situation, “a war of extermination will begin.”

These threats do not indicate self-confidence but rather hysteria. Even nine months after the start of the war, Tehran still estimates that in an all-out war, Israel will deal a fatal blow to Hezbollah, its most important ally. But no less important than that, in several months, there has been a dramatic change in Iran’s position towards the war, and in order to understand where Iran and Hezbollah stand today, it is necessary to return to the beginning.

The massacre on October 7 was initiated by Yahya Sinwar without coordination with Beirut and Tehran. Khamenei and Nasrallah financed, trained, and armed Hamas, but that morning, they were as surprised as Israel. Sinwar decided to attack without coordination because he knew they would forbid him. First, because Israel was still too strong, and it could eliminate Hamas and Hezbollah. Second, as long as Israel did not attack the Iranian nuclear facilities, Tehran was not eager to endanger Hezbollah.


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