July 19, 2024
America’s alarming non-confrontational policy towards the mullahs — even asking Europe not to censure Iran for its growing nuclear weapons program — has been a mainstay of both the Biden and Obama administrations.

US Waning Support for Ukraine, Israel and the Philippines Is a Threat to the Free World

If the current administration allows terrorists and aggressors to win, what message does that send to all terrorists and aggressors?

Whether US President Joe Biden remains in office or not, his recent debate with former President Donald J. Trump and has exposed the global catastrophe that US policies under the current administration have wrought.

The US neglect of vital security issues, from waning support for Ukraine and Israel, to its refusal to acknowledge the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programme, is inflicting serious damage to America’s status as a global superpower.

Arguably the most damning examples of America’s increasingly faltering grip on key foreign policy issues were Biden’s recent decisions to slow-walk arms deliveries to Israel and failing to show sufficient solidarity for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In a move that will be interpreted by hostile states such as Russia, China and Iran as a sign of America’s waning influence, Biden opted not to attend a two-day conference held in Switzerland to discuss the war in Ukraine.

One of the principal aims of the conference, titled the “High-level Summit for Peace in Ukraine”, was to encourage a large number of countries to declare their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty. Biden’s decision to absent himself from the conference will be interpreted in Moscow and elsewhere to mean that Western support for Ukraine is on the wane.

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