July 19, 2024
A Metal Shark high-speed boat delivered by the U.S. to Ukraine for its Maritime Guard. The State Border Guard Service announced on July 9, 2024, that the watercraft are already being used.

US supplies Ukraine with Metal Shark high-speed boats

The United States sent Metal Shark high-speed boats to Ukraine for its Maritime Guard, the State Border Guard Service reported on July 9 on Facebook.

The watercraft were transferred in cooperation with the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) and Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program, the statement read.

The State Border Guard Service did not specify how many boats were delivered from the U.S.

The boats are equipped with modern navigation and control systems, automatic fire extinguishing, as well as a video surveillance system, making them maneuverable, fast, and ergonomic, the State Border Guard Service said.

Ukraine’s Maritime Guard is already using the watercraft on the sea and rivers near the state border. The boats also ensure the security of the maritime corridor in the Black Sea, according to the statement.


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