July 19, 2024
With retailers contributing land to the projects opened so far, the cost of each station has averaged one million dollars, with the [government covering] 80% of the cost. Eight-hundred-thousand dollars ($800,000) for each station is significantly more than the $15,000 committed by the administration.

The 500,000 Nationwide EV Charger Network Is A $7.5 Billion Charade

The word charade has several meanings, including an act or event that is false (Cambridge Dictionary), something done just for show (vocabulary.com), or a situation in which people pretend that something is true when it is not (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary). [emphasis, links added]

The charade I refer to is President Biden’s $7.5 billion investment to install 500,000 electric charging stations along America’s highways by 2030.

A reliable and convenient public EV charging infrastructure is critical to achieving the president’s goal of meeting the recent EPA CO2 emission regulation that requires nearly 72% of U.S. new light vehicle sales to be fully electric or plug-in hybrid by 2032.

Without diving deeper into the announcement, one would likely assume that $7.5 billion is sufficient to construct the 500,000 charging stations, one every 50 miles along the nation’s highways.

To identify the charade, one must first look at the math: 500,000 charging stations, each with a minimum of four chargers, accomplished with an investment of $7.5 billion.

But that is only $15,000 per charging station, installed.

A single high-capacity charger can cost $100,000 or more, and most stations have multiple chargers.

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