July 19, 2024
He explained that Taiwan believes Beijing’s actions over the past few months indicate the Communist regime is rapidly extending its geopolitical laws into other nations. This is what Taiwan calls “legal warfare.”

Calling Beijing’s bluffs

China is using ‘legal warfare’ to threaten foreign citizens, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Canada says

Ambassador Harry Tseng, Taiwan’s top diplomat in Canada, has complex views on the topic of China’s military expansionism.

In an exclusive interview with The Bureau, Tseng argues that despite Beijing’s increasing shows of force in the South China Sea, he believes President Xi Jinping is simply not positioned to instigate a hot war with Taiwan and the West.

The reason?

Xi leads a People’s Liberation Army that is rotten with corruption. And the rot extends deep into China’s economy, Tseng argues, sitting across from me in the conference room of Taiwan’s mission near Parliament Hill.

That is not to say, he stressed, that Beijing’s well-advertised plans of subjugating Taiwan and overtaking the United States as the world’s sole superpower, should be taken lightly.

Xi is trying to fulfill these objectives covertly, Tseng says, without firing a shot.

He says Taiwan’s government thinks the immediate threat is that Beijing is pressuring the democratic world into succumbing to “China’s legal warfare and authoritarian expansionism.”



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