July 19, 2024
Palestinians at the site of an Israeli airstrike in an UNRWA school, in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, on June 6, 2024

What two months of Hamas use of UN sites tells us

As the war continues into a less intense phase it is worth looking back at the extent of Hamas illegal use of UN facilities, including schools, because it appears systematic and on a large scale

On Monday, July 8, the IDF said that it had begun an operation in Gaza City targeting terrorists and terrorist infrastructure. UNRWA’s headquarters was among the sites targeted. Hamas and other terrorist groups have systematically used UN facilities throughout the war in Gaza. They have hidden in them and used tunnels underneath them, and their armed terrorists have been present at schools, shelters, warehouses, and other UN sites.

It will take time for the full details of how Hamas embedded inside UN institutions to come to light. However, news reports and IDF statements provide a lot of details on recent incidents. It is important to understand this in context.

Hamas has always exploited international organizations and the UN in Gaza. It does this in many ways. It knows that UN compounds and schools are sites that would normally be protected during a war. Therefore, it appears that Hamas views these areas as a priority and has tried to use areas near them, or underneath these sites, as command and control nodes.

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