July 18, 2024
Earlier on Monday, the military said IDF ground troops killed over 30 terrorists in the Rafah area in the past day, while overnight, the Israel Air Force (IAF) carried out strikes in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Tanks roll into heart of Gaza City in reinvasion of city

The Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Zeitun neighborhood located in the south of Gaza City, where the IDF has already operated in earlier stages of the fighting, was evacuated during the night

The IDF initiated a reinvasion of Gaza City on Monday for the first time since January, including accompanying tanks and air strikes The Jerusalem Post has confirmed.

Reports about the reinvasion started trickling in earlier Monday from Reuters citing Palestinian residents, which cited IDF tanks had rolled into the city, amid heavy fire.

This is the fifth reinvasion of Gaza by the IDF since it achieved operational control over northern Gaza and central Gaza in January-February.

Prior reinvasions included: Shifa Hospital, Jabalya, Nuseirat, and a current ongoing reinvasion of Shejaia.

The reinvasions have been controversial. On one hand, the IDF has said it shows that they can break apart Hamas the second it tries to reconstitute itself.

On the other hand, they seem to show that the IDF’s initial defeat of Hamas in various areas has done nothing to replace Hamas as the governing authority and has not ended the terror groups’ ability to make a comeback.


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