July 19, 2024
How we watch shapes what we know, what we think — and how we vote.

The American media’s complicity in covering up Biden’s mental feebleness

Newspaper writers have been the president’s most eager propagandists

Even for Donald Trump, it must have been surreal. The reality TV star was there in the biggest reality show of them all, a presidential debate, and reality TV was doing what it promises to deliver — humiliation and embarrassment for the loser. U.S. President Joe Biden was losing — not the debate as much as his dignity — and when it was over, his wife came to escort him off the set, just as “Apprentice” candidates would be ejected from Trump Tower.

It is apparently coming as news to some of America’s best and brightest that Biden is elderly. When he entered the Senate in 1973, it was only 28 years since FDR had died. Biden marinated in the Senate for 36 years, a mediocrity vain enough to imagine himself as president. Thirty-two years after he first ran for president, he made it, demonstrating that simply hanging around long enough, combined with not being Bernie Sanders and not being Donald Trump, will be enough to win the presidency.

Biden has yet to push the eject button on his re-election bid, but it is only a matter of days now.

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