July 19, 2024
Alberta Energy Minister Brian Jean: “I think the federal government has been, frankly, negligent in their inability to allow our energy to flow to the world to displace energy poverty.”

Alberta’s Brian Jean on the Trudeau government’s losing ‘radical environmental agenda’

‘The world is moving away from the radical environmental agenda that some of these folks are espousing and they know because of that loss, they need to double down’

Somewhere in Ottawa, the soon retiring NDP MP Charlie Angus must be rubbing his hands in glee. Thanks to his mischief, the oil and gas sector’s biggest players have been squelched. Mission accomplished!

Not only has Angus figured out how to hijack parliamentary committees, routinely hauling energy company CEOs into Ottawa for public scoldings, his successful push for a new “greenwashing” rule in omnibus Bill C-59 has achieved his desired effect. Several blue-chip companies, including the Pathways Alliance group of oilsands companies, have scrubbed all content from websites and social media.

And it’s not because their content is wrong or misleading. The law is so poorly constructed from the get-go, anyone with an axe to grind can harass companies with no end of frivolous litigation. In the meantime, it’s looking to be sunny days and a new revenue stream for activists.

For weeks now, I’ve been asking Angus for a conversation. I’m genuinely curious to understand how he convinced a majority of fellow travellers in Ottawa to endorse such debilitating legislation. Hearing not a peep or a whisper of engagement, I reached out to Brian Jean, Alberta’s minister of energy and minerals, for his take on the fallout from these threatened sanctions on corporate speech.



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