July 19, 2024
Canadians, and the Liberal party, want answers. But the prime minister isn’t even listening.

Canadians are sending Trudeau a message, but he’s too full of himself to hear it

He took a stunning defeat in Toronto—St. Paul’s, his caucus colleagues are sharpening the knives, his poll numbers have tanked, but the PM trudges on nonetheless

In the last two weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been sent several messages, but judging by a press conference he gave a few days ago, they are falling on deaf ears.

The first message was sent by voters in the Liberal stronghold of Toronto—St. Paul’s. In an astonishing upset, the riding went to the Conservatives. Although byelections are often won by opposition parties, it’s telling that it has been over four decades since the Grits last lost a byelection in Toronto.

“We got a message that was loud and clear from Toronto—St. Paul’s, what was considered a quote-on-quote ‘safe riding,’ ” Immigration Minister Marc Miller told Global News the day after the defeat.

Were voters in the riding, which has a large Jewish population, unhappy with the Liberals’ stance on the Israel-Hamas war? Was it affordability issues? Or the increase in the capital gains tax?

It’s tough to know from one byelection what the deciding factor was, but it does appear that voters were sending a message about the prime minister’s leadership. After the byelection, Toronto Liberal MP John McKay admitted that the prime minister’s popularity was a factor in the loss.

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