July 19, 2024
For ministers of mass consternation, basement apartments, and scenes of “post-national” hatred, and their corporate partners in wage suppression and the student-squalor trade, the golden age of grift has run headlong into the evidence of our eyes and ears.

Ministers of mass consternation

Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but will you settle for 975?

What if the picture includes a most infamous of number twos, in the form of a forever skid-mark on our collective democratic girdle, now deemed largely redundant in the Ozempic era?

And what if such a photo also included two of the worst cabinet ministers in living memory? One, Seamus O’Regan (bottom right, being obnoxious), who folded like a long weekend beach chair on Canada Day, leaving thousands stranded at home and abroad.

And the other? Canada’s minister of whatever the heck is going on with mass immigration (and a former historic failure on the clean-drinking-water-for-Indigenous file), Marc Miller. (Third from left.)

Saed, my Uber driver over the weekend, had more than a thousand words for the men in this photo, but particularly for Miller, who has become increasingly combative in recent months as the breadth of the damage he continues to sign off on becomes unavoidable to even new Canadians, as well as the Liberals from nine years ago who continue to watch in amazement as their former party abandons everyone not on Dominic Barton’s Christmas card list.

As we cruised past houses, town-homes, and 1.5-bed condos the two of us could never hope to afford, the man of Persian descent, couldn’t help but bemoan the sheer incongruity of the modern Canadian experience, the lie sold to him and others, before the diploma mill and ‘temporary’ foreign worker taps were opened fully.

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