July 21, 2024
Don’t believe the denials that will immediately come from the Liberals saying they aren’t looking to and never would tax the sale of primary residences. The Trudeau Liberals have been back and forth on this issue for years.

Trudeau won’t give up on idea of taxing your home

Trudeau Liberals keep flirting with the idea, can’t seem to give it up

For Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party, taxing your primary residence is a bad idea they just can’t quit. It’s like a relationship the Liberals know is bad for them, but they keep going back.

The latest romantic interlude between Trudeau and taxing your home came through a secret meeting just before Canada Day.

The PM was out in Vancouver for a public announcement. His posted itinerary which is supposed to detail his calendar only said he was making “an oceans conservation announcement.” Later that day though, Trudeau sat down for a secret conversation with Paul Kershaw, the founder of Generation Squeeze.

Kershaw and his organization have been advocating for taxing the sale of your primary residence for years. He’s written studies and academic papers on the subject, appeared before Parliamentary committees and pushed the idea that exempting the sale of a primary residence from capital gains tax is an unfair advantage.

Generation Squeeze uses the same language as Trudeau does in talking about fairness for every generation.

So, having Trudeau go sit with Kershaw for a private town hall with Trudeau where they discussed housing policy in front of a live audience should make Canadians sit up and wonder what was said. We only know this meeting took place because Generation Squeeze posted part of the conversation in the form of a podcast.



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