July 19, 2024
Mr. Sajjan’s actions hampered efforts to evacuate Canadians and people who risked their lives to help Canada, and who should have come before anyone else. It was his mission to get those people to safety. He compromised that mission.

Harjit Sajjan failed Canada, and Canadians

Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s minister of defence during the fall of Kabul in August, 2021, had a lot on his hands as the deadline for airlifting people out of Afghanistan at the end of that month rapidly approached.

His primary “duty and obligation,” as he said in a statement on Thursday, was to Canadians “and those with strong ties to Canada” – in other words, Afghans who had worked for the Canadian embassy, the armed forces or for journalists, often as translators and fixers.

By Aug. 26, when the last Canadian Armed Forces flight took off from the besieged Hamid Karzai Airport, Canada had airlifted about 3,700 people out of the grasp of the surrounding Taliban forces. They included Canadian citizens and permanent residents, citizens of allied countries, Afghan nationals who worked for Canada and other vulnerable Afghans.

In the chaos, Canada left behind 1,250 Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and their family members. Hundreds more Afghans who assisted the Canadian Army were left stranded.

And yet in the final days of the airlift, Mr. Sajjan instructed the Canadian Forces to mount a rescue operation for about 225 Afghan Sikhs hoping to get on one of Canada’s planes.

Mr. Sajjan insists he didn’t order the military to shift its priority from rescuing Canadians, Afghan interpreters and others who aided Canada during the 12 long years of the war in Afghanistan to rescuing a specific group of vulnerable Afghan nationals with no connection to Canada. But his explanation is beyond flimsy.

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July 3, 2024 4:51 pm

Stolen Valour is essentially a lie. It involves falsely claiming military service, rank, recognition….

Harjit Sajjan lied to Canadians once, twice (possibly 3 times I lost count) and then only apologized when he simply couldn’t get away with lying anymore. He didn’t apologize voluntarily out of shame for violating the most egregious military code of honour. He didn’t have the personal integrity to resign. He deserved to be thrown right out of the Liberal Party right then and there. He wasn’t. Thus the scandals (plural is accurate) continued and continue even to this day. Harjit Sajjan failed Canada, and Canadians because Justin Trudeau allows him to. Birds of a feather.

Virtue signaling and DEI, ‘evil twins’……..spawns of a society in decline.

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