July 19, 2024
It’s ego, combined with stupidity and senility, and that is quite a combination. Add to that the fact that Very Real Doctor Jill Biden and a whole bunch of straphangers depend on Joe Biden being President for their position, power, and prestige. They don’t want to go anywhere either. They have no choice but to play this out. It’s not like they can go get real jobs.

The Debate Debacle Changes Nothing

I had resolved not to watch last Thursday night’s debate because I didn’t think it would change anything, and I was right to the extent that it didn’t change anything for me. I already knew President Crusty was a sundowning desiccated old weirdo. But it changed things for people who were on the fence or not paying attention. That’s not going to matter, though. Joe Biden is not going anywhere.

The fact is that Joe Biden is the nominee, and he will remain the nominee. By the next morning, the rallying and rationalization were in full effect. Obama tweeted about how it’s all going to be OK. So did many others after the deathwatch that was the immediate post-debate analysis on the communist channels. And they believe their revised spin. It’s remarkable how easily you can convince yourself of what you want to be convinced of. Denial is not just a river in Egypt; it’s now the official Democrat campaign strategy.

What choice do they have? The Geezer Golem is not going anywhere. Here’s the thing – Joe Biden doesn’t think he did badly. Joe Biden thinks he did great. The people around him are all telling him he did great, starting with his harridan wife. This echo chamber of idiocy reinforces his determination that he is a visionary megamind whose presence blesses the benighted American people. He thinks he’s a genius. In fact, Joe Biden is an idiot and has always been an idiot. And it’s all downhill on the IQ Bell Curve from here.

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