July 19, 2024
The mobile laboratory, the police’s CSI, commanded for the past two and half years by Ch Supt Arnon Grafit (48) from Beer Yaakov, has a staff of 28. All university graduates, including scientists, chemists and experts in dealing with analyzing serious crime scene investigations make up Israel’s only team to provide this service – for the army with the Eitan unit, and for the police in collaboration with Lahav 433 investigators.

CSI October 7 continues to learn information about Israel’s bloodiest day

Israel Police CSI uncover the horrifying picture: how the terrorist shot those who were hiding and how the girl holding the doll was confirmed dead; The police mobile laboratory reveals information about missing people, hostages, and soldiers

Two months after October 7, intelligence led to the location of the vehicle of three soldiers who fought the battle at Kibbutz Nir Am who had been classified as missing.

Blood stains were found while searching the vehicle. Although a video clip filmed by Hamas terrorists that reached the hands of security forces, shows all three missing soldiers in the vehicle, lab tests identified the DNA of only two of the three soldiers. The IDF’s missing persons unit (Eitan) wanted to know what happened to them. Were they kidnapped alive? Were they killed and Hamas are holding their bodies in the Gaza Strip?

The police’s elite Forensic Science Department Unit’s mobile lab, which specializes in investigating and analyzing serious crime scenes, provided the answer. Since October 7, in addition to ongoing criminal murder investigations, the unit scurries from scene to scene, working around the clock, investigating the brutal crimes perpetrated by Hamas terrorists.

Chief Inspector Chen Sasson (31) from Ashkelon who’s been in the unit for four years was among the team trying to solve the mystery of the third soldier from the battle at Kibbutz Nirim. “Watching the video, we understood where each of them was sitting and we delved deep” he tells us. “We turned over all the seats and also took apart the seat that soldier was sitting in, including the upholstery and that’s where we found his bloodstains.”


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