July 19, 2024
Trudeau has another choice. He can leave. He should leave. There is, in theory, a record of accomplishment from the past nine years. Better to tout it now and give someone else the chance of plotting a new course. Because the voters are starting to make themselves heard, even in places where Liberals have seldom heard a discouraging word. Like downtown Toranna.

Justin Trudeau’s political career is over. He can walk away with dignity now or stick around to get creamed by a man he loathes

Trudeau’s political staff and other trusted advisers need to step in and have a frank conversation. It is the time to say the things that need to be said, not to say the things the boss wants to hear

If Justin Trudeau’s life were a country music song, now would be the point in the proceedings where he’s all sad and lonesome, watching his girl dance with another man.

That’s because Pierre Poilievre — Donald Trump incarnate, according to all right-thinking Liberals — has just swooped into downtown Toronto, the Big Smoke, Liberal party HQ, and done stole his woman. You can practically hear the pedal steel guitar lick accompanying the prime minister’s tears to the floor.

At least, the prime minister should be sad. Because what’s happened is bad. Catastrophically bad. Toronto Maple Leafs in spring bad. If Toronto is now fertile Conservative ground, not much of anything Liberal will be growing come the next general election.

Whether the prime minister is actually sad is another question. Trudeau has never scored highly on humility or self-awareness. It’s therefore more likely he’s angry. No matter what Trudeau might end up saying in the aftermath of the shocking, razer thin byelection upset to the Conservatives in the safe Liberal riding of Toronto-St. Paul’s there is unquestionably a part of him raging about the result.



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June 28, 2024 8:32 am

World-renowned author and journalist Douglas Murray had strong words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Australian television, calling him a “superannuated drama teacher” and predicting that his political career is all but over.

Discussing the recent byelection defeat Trudeau’s Liberals suffered on Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi Show, Murray called Trudeau out for, in his eyes, being dishonest, insincere, and unintelligent. 

“Performative caring – that’s all that Justin Trudeau does,” said Murray.
“It’s very hard to find a true thing that he’s ever said or a sincere thing that he’s ever said. The man is entirely artifice. He’s an utter bimbo.”

Oh, but there’s more, much more….