May 19, 2024
'Republican voters, so used to being maligned, are loving winning'
“Do Democrats realize how much trouble they’re in?”: John Merline
“Do Democrats realize how much trouble they’re in?”: John Merline

Some observers wonder why many Democrats have turned left, embracing radical policies and socialism. Some also wonder why many Republicans appear reserved, offering little response to attacks by partisan rivals or the hostile news media. But there could be some change afoot.

“President Trump is a terrible Republican. It’s true. Unlike most Republicans, he keeps his campaign promises,” writes Melissa Mackenzie, publisher of the American Spectator who points to Mr. Trump’s push to reduce taxes, remedy Obamacare, curb illegal immigration, reduce federal regulations, drop out of the Paris climate accords and support Israel.

“Against an entitled bureaucratic morass, he has attempted to fulfill the wishes of his constituents, and in the process the economy has soared and families and businesses are thriving. And Trump fights. That’s the main way he’s not Republican. He doesn’t cower in fear in front of a ravenous media. He raves back,” Ms. Mackenzie notes.

“No one is used to this behavior from a Republican. Trump acts like a Democrat — keeping promises and pushing forward. To be a good Republican is to know his place: quavering, unsure of his convictions, fearful of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally evil (so a normal Republican acts: as Democrat as possible in an attempt to be loved — it never works). Trump refuses to play that game. He doesn’t care if he’s loved by the ‘haters and losers.’ He wants to get things done. Republican voters, so used to being maligned, are loving winning,” she concludes.


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