May 19, 2024
Labour's Dennis Skinner facing HUGE election battle as 'Red Wall' collapses
Labour veteran Dennis Skinner.
Labour veteran Dennis Skinner.

A SHATTERING of support for Labour in Dennis Skinner’s backyard could doom Jeremy Corbyn’s dreams of entering No 10.

The party faces the epic challenge of trying to cling onto some of the most pro-Brexit parts of the country while promising Remainers a second referendum. If this proves Mission: Impossible, Boris Johnson could achieve the incredible and see a swathe of Labour heartland seats turn blue on election night. Mr Corbyn’s chances of forming a government are truly in trouble if Labour is in peril in Bolsover, the political home of 87-year-old left-winger Mr Skinner, nicknamed the ‘Beast of Bolsover’. His majority crashed from 11,778 in 2015 to 5,288 in 2017. In neighbouring Ashfield, the collapse in support has been even more dramatic.

In Bolsover, where more than seven out of 10 voters backed Leave in 2016, Mr Skinner will hope that his track record as a Labour eurosceptic will stand him in good stead.

There, the Labour majority plummeted from 8,820 to just 441. On the district council, 30 of the 35 councillors are “Ashfield Independents” – and the leader of the group, Jason Zadrozny, wants to be the next MP.

This will stir fears that just as support for Labour has largely vaporised in Scotland, it will also be ousted from former industrial communities in England and Wales.


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