June 14, 2024
UN SECRETARY-GENERAL Antonio Guterres ‘cynically’ added the IDF to the blacklist in the context of the UN’s framework on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC), asserts the writer.

To combat UN hostility to Israel, Israel should bar UN officials from entering

The decades-long cold war waged through and by the United Nations against Israel is now a hot war – a direct conflict with major strategic implications. In addition to the cover provided by UNRWA to Hamas and other terror groups, and the continuous demonizing propaganda from the various UN agencies and their Human Rights Council, UN leaders have joined their NGO allies in a campaign to prevent Israel from obtaining the weapons needed to defend its citizens against another atrocity.

In particular, in June 2024, when, based on clearly manipulated “evidence,” Secretary-General Guterres cynically added the IDF to the blacklist in the context of the UN’s framework on “Children and Armed Conflict” (CAAC).

The question for Israel is how to respond and effectively counter the UN involvement in this form of deadly political warfare.

During the decades in which the UN waged a gradually increasing cold war against Israel, which can be dated to the notorious 1975 UN General Assembly Resolution labeling Zionism as racism, Israeli responses have been ambivalent.


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