June 14, 2024
The rise of Reform is on track to cost the Conservatives dozens of seats as Mr Farage and Richard Tice, the party chairman, refuse to stand down their candidates, unlike the Brexit Party in 2019.

Farage overtakes Sunak after D-Day gaffe

Rishi Sunak is now less popular than Nigel Farage with 2019 Conservative voters following the row over him leaving D-Day commemorations early.

The Prime Minister’s approval rating is down by 12 percentage points in a week after skipping a world leaders’ event in Normandy for a campaign television interview.

A survey by JL Partners shows his net score among 2019 Tory supporters fell from 20 points on June 1 to eight points on June 8.

Mr Farage, who returned to lead Reform UK last week, saw his rating rise from 12 points to 15 across the same period, putting him ahead of the Prime Minister for the first time with voters who backed the Tories at the last national poll.

It came as a separate JL Partners poll found only two in five (40 per cent) of 2019 Tory voters plan to stick with the Conservatives, with 20 per cent planning to back Reform and 15 per cent set to vote Labour.

Sir Keir Starmer’s party continues to lead the Conservatives by 17 points, with the parties at 41 per cent and 24 per cent respectively, while Reform rose to 15 per cent and the Liberal Democrats were unchanged at 11 per cent.

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