June 14, 2024
The diasporas must not govern. Ever. Their passions, fancies and caprices must never be dispositive in official Canadian decision-making, and their missions never central to our national imaginary.

Diaspora politics are confusing and destroying Canada

There is only one flag that matters to the future of Canada – the Canadian flag. Full stop. Tout court!

No other flag, whatever its beauty or the cause it represents, can obviate this basic truth: we all live in Canada, and our fate as a people and country will be determined by increasingly difficult realities and decisions on the ground, in the second largest state on Earth.

The proliferation of foreign flags, external causes and alien hatreds – including a wretched, incipient antisemitism – on Canadian soil has conspired to confuse the Canadian political and strategic imagination at a time of already heightened national disorientation and underperformance. Our great country is barely emerging from a devastating pandemic period – one that resulted in seven to eight major systems crises spiralling across state and society.

Post-pandemic, we cannot even properly educate our own kids – but the protagonists of faraway conflicts are strangely top of mind. Post-pandemic, we toil amid the rubble of disintegrated Canadian business and enterprise – but upheaval in some distant land will somehow vindicate us in all moral respects. Post-pandemic, our country has grave domestic threats to its national unity and social cohesion – but a radical change in leadership and ideology on another continent will apparently save us from ourselves.



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