June 14, 2024
Our PM, the only party leader with all the information, has been turning a blind eye to foreign interference and actively fighting efforts to bring this issue to the public for years now. Trudeau’s desire to keep this under wraps raises questions as to why.

Here’s why we can’t afford 16 more months of Trudeau in charge

We are just under 500 days, or a little over 16 months, from being able to throw the Trudeau government out of office. Increasingly, there is a worry that this time frame still gives Justin Trudeau and his team far too much time to inflict further damage.

To say Trudeau and his team are ruining Canada is no exaggeration.

Trudeau is undermining faith in our democracy with his handling of foreign interference while Chrystia Freeland has become a wrecking ball to the economy. All the while, Trudeau’s front bench of other ministers botch the files they have been given, from immigration to housing to defence.

It’s been a week since the report detailing MPs knowingly working with hostile foreign governments was released, and what has Trudeau done? Exactly nothing.

Of course, he’s known about foreign interference in our elections for years and he hasn’t acted. When he was informed of CSIS concerns about Liberal candidate Han Dong during the 2019 election, Trudeau did nothing, let Dong stand as a candidate and then be an active member of the Liberal caucus for nearly four years, and only removed him after media reports.




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