June 14, 2024
It would be impolitic to suggest Freeland has gone bananas, but she has definitely been at the fruit bowl.

To Freeland, the capital gains tax is all that is keeping Canada from anarchy

Madame Defarge, the vengeance seeking shopkeeper in Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities who divided the world into righteous rebels and evil aristos, has morphed into Canada’s deputy prime minister.

According to Chrystia Freeland it appears a seething mass of angry proletarians may be ready to storm the luxury strongholds of the wealthy unless the Liberal plan to raise capital gains tax is implemented.

In a speech on Sunday, Freeland stoked the flames of class and generational warfare using bizarre, outlandish and dangerous rhetoric.

The Liberals have criticized the Conservatives for claiming that Canada is broken, but in Freeland’s view it is a country divided by wealth and apparently on the verge of its own French Revolution.

She said those who opposed her new capital gains tax increase were being unfair to a younger generation and she evoked the images of starving kids and teenage girls who wanted access to birth control.



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