June 14, 2024
Polling shows as many as a quarter of those who backed the Conservatives in 2019 now plan to vote for Reform, which has outflanked the Tories on net zero and immigration policy.

‘All marriage plans are off’ says Farage as he rejects calls to rejoin Tories

Nigel Farage has said “all marriage plans are off” as he rejected Suella Braverman’s calls for him to rejoin the Conservative Party.

The Reform leader insisted he would not join the Conservatives “at the moment” after the former home secretary declared that she would “welcome” him into the Tory fold.

Mrs Braverman insisted the Tories and Reform had to find a way to work together in the future amid forecasts that the popularity of Mr Farage’s party could cost the Conservatives dozens of seats.

She told The Times: “I would welcome Nigel into the Conservative Party. There’s not much difference really between him and many of the policies that we stand for.”

But when asked about her remarks on Monday, Mr Farage told the PA news agency: “Well, look, I mean Suella Braverman said I should rejoin the Conservatives because our policies are very similar. I don’t think so, I don’t think so.

“What they’ve done, allowing nearly two-and-a-half million people to settle in the country in the last two years, is most certainly not our policy.

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