June 14, 2024
Gill, the Vancouver property developer accused of orchestrating what was described as one of B.C.’s largest real estate scams and the biggest legal fraud in Canadian history, has yet to stand trial 22 years after the alleged scam was exposed and Wirick was disbarred, 16 years after Gill was arrested and charged, 11 years after he pleaded guilty to defrauding victims of $31 million, and 10 years after a judge allowed him to withdraw that guilty plea.

16 years after real estate fraud charges laid, Vancouver developer never stood trial. He also never stopped business

It pained Emi Herawati to cut back on the money she regularly sent to her family back in Indonesia, including her seven-year-old grandson, but she was left with no choice after she lost her retirement savings.

Herawati spent years working 12-hour days running a salon and spa in east Vancouver. After COVID-19 hammered her business, she closed up shop and sold her house to fund her retirement. The notary public who worked with her on the property sale told her he could help her invest the money from the transaction, according to an investigation by the B.C. Society of Notaries Public.

That notary, Jitendra Desai, then “brokered a deal” for Herawati to take the net proceeds from the sale of her home — totalling $200,000 — and invest it as a mortgage loan on a residential property in Vancouver, the regulator has alleged in a continuing disciplinary matter against Desai.

Herawati, a 62-year-old widow with limited English skills, was described by the regulator as “vulnerable.” Desai told Herawati that “the borrowers were ‘solid’ borrowers, but failed to advise the total amount of mortgages exceeded the value of the property on which (she) was lending.”

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