June 14, 2024
As hinted at by the Powlowski interview, one of Canada’s most obstinate governments also happens to be one that is disproportionately led by people who are currently occupying the best and most lucrative job they may ever enjoy.

The real reason the Liberals are holding on for dear life

A recent Hill Times interview with Liberal MP Marcus Powlowski seemed to reveal something telling about the current state of the Liberal caucus: Few of them have ever had it this good, or will ever have it this good again.

Powlowski said that if he loses his seat in Thunder Bay – Rainy River, he can simply return to his medical practice. But as the article then noted, “some MPs may find it hard to get a similar well-paying and prestigious job as they currently have if they lose the next election.”

It’s a clue as to why the current federal government is proving so remarkably intransigent. Few governments in Canadian history have experienced such a sustained period of public ire.

Not only are Liberal approval ratings at all-time lows, but a majority of voters now say that Trudeau’s entire premiership has been a waste of time. An April Research Co. poll found that 55 per cent of respondents now believed that Trudeau had “accomplished little” as prime minister.


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