June 14, 2024
What we’re seeing in the streets seems to be a blatant and in-your-face attempt by a group not large enough to impact a national election — but one that’s increasingly noisy and nasty — to control political space, and partly, to express pure hatred for Jews.

The hateful motives upon which Toronto’s ‘Little Gaza’ is built

In the aftermath of Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack and the ensuing Gaza war, Canadian streets have become host to a painful spike in violence and hate. It invites a vital question: what is driving this toxicity and polarization?

We know that antisemitism is the oldest, most virulent and institutionalized form of hatred in the world today. The global community justifies it in a number of ways. Bouncing the ball between “we are not anti-Jew, we are anti-Israel” and “we are not anti-Israel, we are anti-Zionist” — or plainly “from the river to the sea, we don’t want to see any Jews,” they have many options. Others outright say they hate the Jews because supposedly “they control the world.”

Whatever the excuse or justification, the end result is the same: blatant and aggressive antisemitism. Now, it’s finding its way onto the streets of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Which of these hatreds justified recent shootings at a Jewish girls’ elementary school in Toronto’s North York suburb, and a Jewish school in Montreal?



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