June 14, 2024
French leader forced into snap election after Le Pen inflicts humiliating defeat

Macron trounced in EU Right-wing surge

Emmanuel Macron was trounced by the hard Right in European elections on Sunday night, prompting the French president to call a snap parliamentary vote.

Mr Macron suffered a humiliating defeat as Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) reached more than twice his party’s vote share in the European parliamentary ballot, according to exit polls.

In a shock address to the nation, he said the hard Right was “progressing everywhere in the continent” and admitted the EU parliamentary election was “not a good result for parties who defend Europe”.

The surge of the hard Right also helped to inflict a defeat on Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, whose Social Democrats recorded their worst-ever result in a European election.

The Eurosceptic, nationalist AfD party came second in the vote, according to exit polls, with the centre-Right Christian Democratic Union in first.

On Sunday night, centrist, liberal and green parties were predicted to retain the balance of power in the EU’s 720-seat parliament. But the double blow to Mr Macron and Mr Scholz, the bloc’s most important leaders, raised questions over how they could drive policy across the continent.

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