June 14, 2024
The only thing slower than the traffic is City Hall’s glacial response to fix this mess.

Gardiner gridlock has become horror show, now we have data to prove it

The numbers back up what everyone has been feeling — the Gardiner gridlock has been a horror show.

New data released Thursday from Geotab Intelligent Transportations Systems confirmed that travel times have skyrocketed since the construction closures began.

Trips now take up to 250% longer during morning rush hour than before the construction. Afternoon rush hour is taking 230% longer. Commercial drivers are spending 80% more time on the roads. And travel times are up 43% on the main parallel routes.

These numbers are staggering, but sadly not surprising.

For many commuters who don’t have other options, this means losing valuable time with loved ones. Literally, hours of your day disappearing and being totally drained when you finally make it home.

As a city councillor, I’ve been flooded with stories from people sharing their frustration and anger due to the lax approach to Gardiner construction.


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Jack’s Note: The solution to this problem is to find out who is responsible for planning this ongoing debacle and then fire him, her, “it”, whatever, and get somebody who can tie their shoe laces to take over.  This isn’t rocket science.


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