June 14, 2024
“These (anti-Israel protesters) are the same people who protested the Freedom Convoy, and felt that the occupation of Parliament Hill and Wellington Avenue in Ottawa was an affront to all Canadians”

This Jewish professor has lost his patience with anti-Israel encampments

This is a conversation series by Donna Kennedy-Glans, a writer and former Alberta cabinet minister, featuring newsmakers and intriguing personalities.“This is not a grassroots movement. This is an organized effort.”That’s the professional opinion of Kelly Sundberg, tenured professor of criminology at Calgary’s Mount Royal University (MRU), when I ask him what’s behind the anti-Israel student encampments at post-secondary campuses across Canada.“You don’t just go and collect dozens and dozens of pallets and hatch a strategy to do an encampment,” he explains.

Kelly is a practitioner in the ways and means of securing public safety. Before moving into academia, his job was locating abducted kids, tracking down foreign fugitives hiding in Canada and protecting the public from all kinds of threats.


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