June 14, 2024
The Prime Minister ignored years of warnings about the severity of interference and fought tooth and nail against holding a public inquiry.

Trudeau wrong choice to lead fight against foreign interference

Here’s the most alarming thing about Canada’s foreign interference crisis.

It’s that our response to it is presided over by a prime minister who ignored years of warnings about how serious it was and then fought tooth and nail against holding a public inquiry into it, until he had no choice because of unrelenting political, public and media pressure.

Indeed, it’s fair to say that without reporting by Global News and the Globe and Mail based on leaks from officials within Canada’s security and intelligence establishment concerned about Canada’s lax response to foreign interference, we’d still be in the dark today.

In a bid to stave off demands for a public inquiry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed family friend and former governor general David Johnston as his “Independent Special Rapporteur” to advise him on whether there should be a public inquiry into foreign interference.



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