June 14, 2024
If the names of senators and MPs suspected of foreign influence were released, they would be ruined, possibly without appropriate proof.

MPs suspected of foreign influence deserve justice, but not frontier justice

It’s a rare thing when political debate in this country changes anyone’s mind. Speeches are not meant to be persuasive; they are delivered to confirm the prejudices of partisans.

Yet, at the parliamentary public safety committee on Thursday, Dominic LeBlanc made a convincing case for not releasing the names of MPs and senators who were named in the redacted National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) report released earlier this week.

The report said that a number of unnamed “semi-witting or witting” MPs and senators helped foreign states to the detriment of Canada’s democracy and national security.

At committee, Conservative MP Frank Caputo said the government’s decision not to release the names left a “cloud of suspicion” over all MPs. He asked the public safety minister whether he believes Canadians have a right to know whether their MP is under the influence of a hostile state when they go to vote next time.


Jack’s Note:  I’ve said this before.  This situation is a police matter and it should be handed to the RCMP for investigation and charges if warranted.  At the moment one wonders who the Liberals are protecting.  Their incompetent leader perhaps?


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