June 14, 2024
There is no real protection against what Queen’s University law professor Bruce Pardy calls the “pandemic managerial state,” doubling down on profit and power, unless there is concerted pushback from an alarmed, informed, and sensible citizenry.

COVID and the Left

There is no question, writes Mollie Hemingway in her impeccably researched, blockbuster volume “Rigged,” that the political Left — the digital platforms and paper media, the educational industry, the push polls, the billionaire club, the big foundations, the medical establishment, the Democrat Party — used the pandemic to suppress dissent, curate information, and ultimately to rig the 2020 election. The Democrats and their minions did this by changing election rules in media res and allowing for mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, widespread voter fraud, and unsupervised tabulation, thus elevating theft under the sign of COVID-19 into a political institution. Anyone who doubts her summation and verdict is not paying attention.

It gets worse. It is gradually becoming public knowledge that the pandemic was not only the syncytial strategy for the Marxist deep state and its collaborators in the press and the professions to steal an election, as it was for the global Left to impose its agenda wholesale on an unsuspecting world. Rather, COVID was, in essence, an eidolon, a severe flu hyped by an army of fraudsters, perhaps the greatest medico-political hustle in history, involving a simulated, computer-generated plague that brought the world to its knees.

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