June 14, 2024
It’s time for Ford to remember that people elected him to control government, not inflate it.

Doug Ford’s newly bloated Ontario cabinet shows his government’s worst instincts

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Thursday cabinet shuffle illustrates two points. First, the premier has very few aces in his cabinet deck. Second, the new cabinet reflects the bloat that afflicts his government.

Back in 2018, the Ford cabinet had 20 members and vowed to trim spending. Now, the cabinet has 36 members, up from 30, and is the largest in the province’s history. Nearly half the caucus is in cabinet. It’s ridiculous.

The big news from the unexpected cabinet shuffle was the job switch involving (now former) education minister Stephen Lecce and (now former) energy minister Todd Smith. The two ministers with similar skills have swapped places, with Lecce to energy and Smith to education. Both are strong communicators and both have managed complex policy issues in their portfolios.

The change will provide welcome relief for Lecce after five years on the hot seat. PC sources say Lecce wanted out. The minister has done an admirable job for the most part, refocusing the school system on useful skills and settling union contracts without labour disruptions.



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