July 20, 2024
The numbers show our green obsession is hurting Canada
Since the Liberals came to office in 2015, over $100 billion in energy-sector investment has been lost.
Since the Liberals came to office in 2015, over $100 billion in energy-sector investment has been lost.

The latest numbers on economic productivity in Canada are extremely disappointing. And with the Liberals back in power, the numbers are about to get worse, especially considering that the Trudeau government is now held in office by three anti-development parties — the NDP, Greens and Bloc Quebecois.

Even our “have” provinces fall far behind the top American states. And Canada’s poorest — the three Maritime provinces — are at or below the lowest state, Mississippi.

According to work done by Trevor Tombe, a University of Calgary economist, Alberta is Canada’s wealthiest province with a per capita GDP of $64,000 US. Yet that is behind 16 American states. Indeed, Alberta is a full 25% below the richest American jurisdiction — New York state at $86,000.

Perhaps more concerning, though, is the plight of Ontario. Once the economic engine of the country and home to 40% of our national population, Ontario’s annual, per capita GDP is just $48,000 US. That’s only $1,000 better than Kentucky and just 12% above West Virginia — coal-mining, mountain-people West Virginia!

Ontario is producing only slightly more than half the per capital GDP of New York. Indeed, our heartland is closer to Mississippi than to California, Washington state, Alaska and North Dakota.

This is largely the result of the Liberals “green” obsession — first in Ontario under premiers McGuinty and Wynne and now federally under Justin Trudeau. This should surprise no one since many of the same people who thought up Ontario’s “green” energy strategy are now devising federal policy.


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