May 19, 2024
In Canada, federal, provincial and municipal governments go through the motions of condemning antisemitism but do not follow up with decisive law enforcement.

A principled Canada would protect its Jews

When anti-democratic ideologues are permitted to bully Jewish Canadians, the nation is made vulnerable to broader attacks on core identity

Antisemitism has imposed a pervasive and pernicious double standard on the Jewish people for thousands of years, rampant during periods of extreme persecution but less overt during in periods of enlightenment, but always lurking in the swamp of human malevolence. Since 1948, that double standard extended to Israel with varying intensity. After the October 7 massacre by Hamas, it exploded into civilized society, shattering a delusion that the Holocaust would prevent ancient hatreds from resurfacing globally. “Never again” was crushed by “yet again.”In Canada, as elsewhere, Israel’s enemies target it with unhinged ferocity. Too many decent people don’t recognize that this vilification is unjustified and one-sided because it’s been normalized by an accommodating establishment and mainstream media. Moral clarity was always an endangered species in the Middle Eastern conflict.

Bias manifests itself in the imposition of a higher standard on Israel than on other countries and granting a free pass to its enemies. Some 3,000 Hamas combatants and Gazan residents invaded Israel and jubilantly murdered, tortured and raped 1,200 victims, including children and infants. Then, they vowed to do it again. Any capable country would take military action to eliminate a similarly emboldened terrorist death cult on its borders.

All civilian deaths are tragic. They are also, unfortunately, a terrible reality of the war in Gaza. However, this is not a new phenomenon, as Canada and its allies fought wars resulting in the death of millions of civilians, many in bombing raids. Israel has kept the ratio of civilians to combatants killed (less than 2:1) to low levels for urban warfare — significantly lower than the 2016 Battle of Mosul, for example. That is especially remarkable since Hamas hides in tunnels and uses civilians as human shields to increase casualties and elicit international sympathy.

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