May 19, 2024
That’s why we should chart our own course on energy policy, instead of kowtowing to global critics who will never be satisfied no matter what we do or how much it undermines our economy.

Played for suckers on climate change

Despite the Trudeau government committing over $200 billion to more than 100 programs to reduce our industrial greenhouse gas emissions, Canada remains the world’s punching bag when it comes to addressing climate change.

This year, for example, the international Climate Change Performance Index, ranks Canada in 62nd place out of 67 countries, including the European Union, responsible for over 90% of global emissions.

That was down four positions from 58th place in 2023.

The CCPI describes Canada, responsible for 1.5% of global emissions, as remaining “among the very low performing countries” in addressing climate change.

Meanwhile China, the world’s largest emitter at 30% of total emissions, ranks 11 positions higher than Canada, in the 51st spot this year (the same as in 2023), despite burning more coal than the rest of the world combined.

The top three “high” performing countries in 2024 were Denmark, Estonia and the Philippines, although the CCPI puts them in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively because it argues no country has achieved a “very high” rating.

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