May 19, 2024
“Fair is fair. No more Palestinian flags displayed at protests and rallies. Because that’s ‘divisive,” Kinsella posted to X Tuesday morning.

Olivia Chow skips Toronto’s Israeli flag raising event as ‘it’s a bit divisive’

‘There’s a war going on in the Middle East and people are protesting every weekend,’ the Mayor of Toronto said in a statement

An Israeli flag raising ceremony to mark the country’s independence on Tuesday was not attended by Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, who called the event “divisive” in a statement.

Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) falls from sundown on May 13 to sundown on May 14. In recognition of the event, Toronto city councillors gathered to raise the Israeli flag at City Hall on Tuesday morning as is tradition, but Chow opted not to participate.

A statement from the Mayor’s office to National Post confirmed Chow’s absence at the flag raising event and a subsequent ceremony. Speaking with reporters on Tuesday morning, audio of which was shared with the Post, Chow said the decision to not attend was not hers.

“The decision is not mine, you know, city council, city protocol office was delegated the power to run the flag raising program in 1999,” she said, adding that she “generally” doesn’t attend flag raising events.

“I think it’s a bit divisive, because there’s a war going on in the Middle East and people are protesting every weekend,” she said. When questioned further about the divisiveness of the event, Chow elaborated, “Yes, it is, because it’s pretty clear there’s been demonstrations since October every weekend and emotions are very high. And I think it’s important that we hear each other and be empathetic.”

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Jack’s Note: Olivia Chow is not a leader.  She is a ruthless opportunist and it’s best everyone clearly understands that.  That is what NDP types do.


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