May 19, 2024
Voters should have a say when their government is taking its citizens to war – especially against each other.

Trudeau declares class war, redistributes wealth from rich to others

It was a strange declaration of war.

A class war. And an age war.

He may be calling it “fairness for every generation,” but what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describes in a video sales pitch for his new Capital Gains tax is wealth distribution — from the “rich” to everybody else.

“Some people don’t think that the richest few should pay more in taxes,” he said, wearing a white shirt and tie with his sleeves rolled up, while seated on a white couch. ‘Well, I don’t agree with that.”

It’s socialism being sold to a Canadian public who can’t vote on it until 2025 at the earliest.

Trudeau, who is supposed to represent everybody from all walks of life, ages and economic positions, was taking the “us-and-them” approach. It was a Robin Hood speech to take from those who have and dole it out to those who don’t through expensive cradle-to-grave-style social programs

It’s politics of division, and he’s reminding one of his references to “flat earthers” or “anti-vaxxer mobs” — or people who are racist, misogynists or against science. This time, Trudeau said in an era where “the richest are only getting richer, I think it’s fair to ask those people to pay a little more.”

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