May 19, 2024
Freeland is playing a cynical political game when she claims it is not a “very Canadian way” to raise issues like these.

Nothing ‘cheap’ about tying family’s death in Hwy. 401 crash to justice system flaws

Deputy PM seems to want Canadians to ignore details that are uncomfortable for Liberals

Chrystia Freeland doesn’t want Canadians bringing up pesky accusations like her government’s lax criminal justice policies leading to people dying. Justin Trudeau’s deputy prime minister said it wasn’t very Canadian to raise such issues in public.

Freeland was talking about a report that the man who was allegedly behind the wheel of a van speeding the wrong way on Hwy. 401, killing an infant and his grandparents two weeks ago, was out on bail at the time.

“I think it is really awful to try to score cheap, partisan, political points off of a family’s grief. I don’t think that’s a very Canadian way,” Freeland said when questioned about criticism of the policies.

Cheap political points?

That was clearly a shot at Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who had called out the Liberals for their “catch-and-release” policies, while promising “jail, not bail,” if he were elected as prime minister. Those are not cheap political points; he was responding to what is happening in our justice system and the frustration that ordinary Canadians feel.

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