May 19, 2024
Family spokesman Dave Teixeira said he received confirmation of a B.C. Vital Statistics Certificate of Name Change document showing Allan Dwayne Schoenborn legally changed his name to Ken John Johnson in May 2021.

B.C. moves to prevent serious offenders from changing name after child killer legally changes his

The legislation is aimed at preventing criminals convicted of causing serious harm to others from evading accountability and the consequences of their actions

VICTORIA — Allan Schoenborn killed his three children in 2008 and more than a decade later was permitted to legally change his name under British Columbia’s Name Act, but his new identity as Ken John Johnson did not become public until Monday.The British Columbia government has now introduced legislation to ensure those convicted of serious Criminal Code offences will no longer be permitted to legally change their names.

The New Democrat government’s proposed amendments to the Name Act come following reports last month that Schoenborn had applied to a review board to keep his new name from being made public.
“What this legislation does is it says that people who have been found guilty of very serious offences, violence against other people, acts against children, will not be permitted to change their name,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix following introduction of the bill in the legislature.“The focus here is the offence and not the verdict,” he said. “What it ensures really is more safety and reflects the views of families who are facing these circumstances.”

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