May 19, 2024
Singh’s NDP has settled for a dental plan with few dentists, a pharmacare plan that isn’t national and will only cover some contraceptives and some diabetic supplies and a school food program with no food. He has accepted delays on key promises and watered down results when any action, however slight, is taken.

Scotland’s Greens show Jagmeet Singh and the NDP how to act

Unlike the weak NDP, Scotland’s Greens flexed their muscle in a minority to force change

Based on his rhetoric, Canadians might think that Jagmeet Singh was a harsh critic of the Trudeau government — one who holds the Liberals to account. Yet, by his actions, Canadians who are paying attention will quickly realize that Singh has turned his party into a doormat for the Liberals to walk all over.

During the last couple of weeks, Singh has blasted the Trudeau Liberals as unable to fix the housing crisis, leaving disabled people in poverty, of favouring oil and gas CEOs over ordinary Canadians and failing Canadians on foreign interference.

You would think with a roster of complaints like that, the NDP would take the latest budget as a chance to vote down the Trudeau government. Instead, Singh and his party complained loudly, but tucked tail and announced they would support the budget while “fighting Liberal failures.”

Those Liberal failures have only been able to continue for the last two years due to the coalition the NDP formed with the Liberals in March 2022. Despite the Liberals missing several deadlines, despite failing to deliver on the promises of that agreement, Singh — with an eye on his pension — has chosen to keep propping up the Trudeau Liberals.

Better to sell out all principles and collect millions in future pension payments than stand up for what is right seems to be Singh’s mantra.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and the actions of a junior partner in a legislature on the other side of the ocean show Singh what he should have been doing for months now.

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