May 19, 2024

Time and again, the snide, condescending Tait has damaged what credibility the CBC has left. She treats the public, MPs and critics as idiots, while making obnoxious, pompous claims that the CBC is “a beacon of truth in a sea of fake news” and “the single most effective tool that we have as Canadians to combat disinformation.” Even as she herself is peddling misinformation.

CBC’s Tait gaslighting us with her take on ‘performance pay’

I don’t care what CBC President Catherine Tait calls them. It doesn’t matter whether she approves the corporation’s executive bonuses or they’re set by some klatch of fairies dancing in a forest under the full moon.A bonus is a bonus is a bonus.

However, Tait’s insistence that the $15 million the CBC doles out annually to 1,100 managerial level employees is “performance pay” and that there is no way for her or anyone at the state broadcaster to stop them, is not only harming her personal credibility. It is also making even more people dubious of what CBC journalists say on television and radio.

If the boss can’t be counted on to admit the obvious …

Tait has insisted for months that the broadcaster does not pay bonuses. She argued that the average $14,000 in individual top-ups the CBC pays to almost 15% of its workforce is “performance pay.”

Tait made that argument at the Heritage committee in January and again on Tuesday. Except this time, she and the CBC doubled down.

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Jack’s Note: I’m with most Canadians.  Sell the CBC and fire that lying bitch.  Enough is enough.


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