May 19, 2024
The statement makes clear that the Trudeau government blames the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu for the lack of a two-state solution, a point made by the statement and reiterated by Trudeau when asked about the change by reporters.

Trudeau policy change on Israel rewards Hamas terrorists

The Liberals’ latest stance moves Canada closer to Hamas and further away from Israel

The Trudeau government’s policy towards Israel and the Palestinian Territories became more muddled than ever on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Foreign Minister Melanie Joly likely thought they were clarifying Canada’s position – they were not.

Despite how good the words sounded coming out of their mouths and how good they both looked practicing them in the mirror, Canada’s policy is a bigger mess now than it was before their Friday statement.

About the only thing that is clear is that Canada is moving closer to the Palestinian side, closer to rewarding Hamas for their terrorist attacks of Oct. 7. That is the effective outcome of the policy change posted to the Global Affairs website.

“It is clear we must urgently build a credible path to achieving the two-state solution, one that gives hope to both Palestinians and Israelis that they may live side by side in peace, security, and dignity,” the unsigned statement reads.

From there it goes right off the rails.

“That process cannot indefinitely delay the creation of a Palestinian state. Canada is prepared to recognize the State of Palestine at the time most conducive to lasting peace, not necessarily as the last step along that path,” it states.

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Jack’s Note: After what happened on October 7th in Israel it is clear (at least to me) that the two state solution being pandered by our governing morons is OFF THE TABLE.  It is no longer a viable solution and Israel will never accept it because the Palestinians can never be trusted again.  That would be like living alongside a swarm of poisonous snakes, something only a complete idiot would do, an idiot like Trudeau.


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