May 19, 2024
Are Pride parades and an infatuation with global warming enough to fuse a great country into one magnificent union? Don’t think so, but that’s really all we’ve seen from Trudeau.

Trudeau faced an essential moral test after Oct. 7. He failed it

Our loudly, proudly self-proclaimed first male-feminist prime minister was silent on the horrid tortures and rapes of Israeli women

On Oct. 7, a cowardly, medieval, murder cult (campus heroes) Hamas took the lives of over 1,200 Jews.

Without warning, at a music festival; chased, toyed with; beating every Jew they could find; hunted them down, tormented them, raped them, shot them. A great insensate orgiastic jubilation over a massacre of innocent Jews of an intensity and enormity not seen since the demonic practices of Jew-hating, Jew-destroying Nazism. The greatest puncture in that useless lying balloon of “never again” since the failed slogan was first muttered. Jews massacred in their homeland. Jews killed again.

Hamas is in a squalid tradition; there’s a lot of Himmler in Hamas.

There was also the deep cruelty, the sadism of taking hostages, ripping families asunder if they did not kill them, scooping up babies, young children, keeping a special eye out for pretty girls — dragging over 250 innocent people of all ages to Hamas’s web of dirt tunnels. How could a man look into the eyes of a 10-month-old infant and sunder him from his family? How could men rape and beat so many female hostages?

Oct. 7 was an enormity, I say again, on a historic scale. Were an equivalent atrocity to have fallen on Muslims somewhere in the West, this world of ours would be spinning into the sun on the strength of universal and ferocious denunciations.

But hey, this was Israel. Those killed, raped and kidnapped were Jews. Jews who lived in Israel. So, this runs on a totally different moral and political plateau.

The ambush of unarmed civilians on that Oct. 7 demanded and still demands a clarion statement from our leaders of totally unambiguous support for Israel, a visit to relations of those killed, and those still hoping for release of their family members held hostage.

Where has Justin Trudeau been? Where’s the utter denunciation of Hamas and those complicit with Hamas in mass murder, mass rape and mass kidnapping?

And where is Mr. Trudeau’s message to the green-flag-flying activists that Israel is not genocidal, an accusation ludicrous, lying and insolent at the same time.

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