June 17, 2024
Boris is a fool but vilified Farage had to do this deal for Brexit
Ann Widdecombe says Nigel Farage had to do a deal.
Ann Widdecombe says Nigel Farage had to do a deal.

I AM beginning to run out of patience with those commentators who say that because other party leaders are running a national campaign and standing in their constituencies, Nigel Farage did not need to make a choice between the two.

There is an obvious glaring difference which these commentators are either too dishonest to admit or too stupid to have spotted. All the other party leaders have been established in their constituencies as serving MPs for some time. Their position is as mine was in 2001, when as William Hague’s lieutenant and Shadow Home Secretary, I spent the entire campaign helicoptering up and down the country and managed to visit my own constituency precisely twice.

It did not matter because I had been there for 14 years and the electorate had ample experience on which to judge me, but I can just imagine what would have happened if I had handed in a nomination and then just disappeared in my first ever contest for the seat!

Farage is not a sitting MP and must have started from scratch in any seat he chose to fight so he is right to say that he will instead concentrate on his campaign across the country. He needs to be free to do that.

A MORE painful decision for him was to stand down the troops in Tory seats.

As Farage put it, Boris Johnson having refused a pact we are now declaring an alliance unilaterally. We should not have to and I think that Boris is a fool but the name of the game is Brexit and not party advantage.


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