April 18, 2024
Even though the physicians doing these procedures have admitted that children cannot really give informed consent to them, trans activists are nonetheless arguing that children have a right to all of them, and they are pushing them relentlessly in schools, medicine, and culture while also trying to cut parents out of the loop.

Side Effects Of Transgender ‘Medicine’ Show It Isn’t Just Junk Science, It’s Malpractice

Instead of the superstition of gender ideology, and the injuries it inflicts through its revolt against reality, we need a return to medicine that does no harm

Science has confirmed that men squashing their junk is, in fact, painful and unhealthy. A new study found that a supermajority of gender-confused men who “tuck” their genitalia in an effort to avoid a telltale bulge “experienced at least 1 side effect,” with “gonad pain reported most frequently.”

The more a man tucked, the more he risked ill effects, some of which (infection, testicular torsion, infertility) are severe. The Daily Mail helpfully illustrated the point by dredging up the experiences of trans-identified TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney — best known for tanking Anheuser-Busch’s stock and sales — to confirm that tucking is indeed “very painful and involved.”

You don’t say.

This study demonstrates the reality of so-called gender-affirming medicine, which is that it is not actually medicine. As the study and follow-up reporting demonstrate, tucking is painful and risky while providing no physical benefits whatsoever. Nonetheless, the study’s authors not only tell doctors “to ask patients if they would like to discuss risks, benefits, and safe methods of tucking” but also to “ask about preferred anatomy terminology, as the words penis and testicles may be offensive to this population.” Instead of healers, doctors are expected to be facilitators of each patient’s whims, no matter how illusory and unhealthy they are.

And so, as Joe Biden elevates “Transgender Day of Visibility” above Easter, we ought to make visible the truth about “gender-affirming care,” which is that none of it is medically necessary and that it all comes with risks and side effects. In contrast, there is never any physical harm from not transitioning. This is why transgender activists and their allies constantly invoke the threat of self-harm, especially when trying to persuade reluctant parents to approve radical procedures for their children. Without the threat of suicide, the transgender movement collapses. Only the direst of threats — children dead by their own hands — can justify, for example, castrating boys and amputating the breasts of troubled teenage girls.

Using the suicide narrative as cover, activists are pushing gender ideology as far as they can, especially when it comes to children. For example, the retailers who sell specialized underwear and other products for tucking also manufacture them for, and market them to, minors. The same is true for breast binders for girls, which likewise tend to be painful and can cause injuries. Activist teachers and school systems encourage these and other steps in “transition,” which they also work to hide from parents who might object.

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