April 18, 2024
The most violent segment of our society happens to be on the Left, as even many casual observers know. If Trump is ahead in the polls in September or October, expect dissension wherever the Left can prevail. When Trump wins the election in November, expect riots in 200 cities or more, surreptitiously funded by George Soros and his kind.

Tumultuous Months Lie Ahead

Woody Allen, who’s not one of my favorites, once said that humanity faces a crossroads. “One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, is to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” I’ve written more than 200 articles for Townhall, and I wish I didn’t feel compelled to write this one…

It now seems inevitable that leading up to this November, and in the months that follow, America will experience extreme turmoil, if not outright hostilities and even urban warfare. Nothing that I write here will have any impact in terms of what is likely to occur. For one, Leftists don’t tend to read Townhall articles, and, two, the wheels of extremism are already in motion.

A Potpourri of Tactics

I devote at least 500 hours annually to reading about political, historical, and cultural matters, adding up to more than 5,000 hours in the last 10 years. I’ve reached the same conclusion that legions of others have: Domestically the U.S. is headed for huge trouble. We already know many of the Left’s tactics to hinder Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, which includes devious hoaxes, endless lies and slander, bogus lawsuits and selective prosecution, unconstitutional fines, and much more.

As spring unfolds, Trump’s lead over Biden could grow. As such, expect the Left to act even more desperately with reprehensible tactics. Consider that of late RINO Congressional Representatives are suspiciously retiring early on dates with no chance for a special election to occur in their districts. Hence, Democrats can retake the House. Do you smell payola? Then, if Trump is elected, the House could attempt to deny certification.

This summer, invariably, the Left will seek to foment another “George Floyd” incident and blame it all on Trump. With the power of The New York Times and major networks embellishing the narrative and offering World War II-level coverage, the masses will be snowed. Think about Donald Trump observing that if he’s not elected there’ll be a bloodbath in the auto industry, and how the mainstream media, in unison, immediately claimed that Trump was calling for nationwide violence.

Interesting Read…


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